Looking for Position in Rock Band

Hello! I'm a rhythm guitarist with experience playing some leads, and I'm interested in joining a tribute band or cover band (and maybe even an original band) that's already established and has gigs lined up. If there aren't any available bands like that, I'd love to start or join a new band that wants to … Continue reading Looking for Position in Rock Band


Going To Concerts When I Was Younger vs. Now: Concert Ticket Prices, Service Fees & Ticketmaster

In this article, I delve into the reasons for why it cost so much to attend a concert in 2023, including the emergence of a monopoly in the ticketing industry led by companies like Ticketmaster, which has resulted in significant losses for consumers like us.

Rock Star of the Week – Circus Diablo

In 2006, members of The Cult, Fuel, and Velvet Revolver formed a band for one album and tour called Circus Diablo. I was interested in the band since one of my idols being a guitarist is Billy Duffy from The Cult. I got to see them when they came to San Diego, California. This post contains photos from the show.

Line 6 Helix: Straight Out of the Box

I would like to discuss my first thoughts on the latest guitar processor unit from Line 6 called Helix that I purchased in early 2021. My previous processor was the Line 6 PODHD500X that I used for a little over 4 years. I have wanted a Helix for years now but was hesitant to purchase … Continue reading Line 6 Helix: Straight Out of the Box

Album Memorabilia: Three Dog Night – 7 Separate Fools

One thing I really miss when we all use to listen to music on records, is memorabilia that many albums came with. If I am remembering correctly, the first album I ever purchased with my own hard earned allowance when I was a kid was 7 Separate Fools by Three Dog Night. Not only do … Continue reading Album Memorabilia: Three Dog Night – 7 Separate Fools