Eric Johnson at the House of Blues

On January 27th, I was proud to do photography at the Eric Johnson show at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA. Eric has always been in my top three guitarists list since I fist saw him on his tour to support his first album in the 1980’s. So, I was very excited to shoot this show!

Eric is a “guitarists guitarist”. Like at the show in the 80’s, I would estimate that 90% of the guys there are guitarists or want to be. The only women at the show were the few that those guitarists convinced to come, including the woman sitting next to me. She ending up loving the show that included guitarist Arielle from Austin, TX opening and playing a few tunes with Eric.

Eric still seems pretty shy and rarely looks at the audience, which is fine with me. We aren’t there to look at him… okay, maybe his hands (which I call “alien hands” since they do things I’ve never seen a human hand do). We are there to listen to him.


Here are some observations that I made during the shoot and the show. First, Eric hardly looks different from the 80’s.  At age 63, the only thing different was his hair color and maybe a few wrinkles. Being a guitarist, the biggest thing I noticed was his pedal board (see below). It looked to me that he has not upgraded from the first time I saw him (or cleaned). Only his amps looked newer. Previously he played through 3 amps but I saw 5 at least. He is pretty busy with the right foot switches to switch between the amps. It also looks like he is also using his original tape delay machines (I’m sure there aren’t many of those left in the world).

20180127-Concert 2018---2019

With the ever-changing world of guitar pedals and effects, Eric stays true to his roots and to his tone.

I’d like to thank the House of Blues and LiveNation for allowing me to shoot this show. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, you are next on my list to photograph, since you are the other two in my favorite three guitarists list.

KAABOO 2016 – The Pictures & Video

On the 16th – 18th of September, the second annual KAABOO festival was held at the fair grounds in Del Mar, California. I did photography for the festival. Click here or the image below to see the photos and videos I took.

Collective Soul

Here is the video:

The Cult at Del Mar Races

On of my favorite bands, The Cult, performed at the Del Mar Races on Friday July 25th, 2014. While the band had a slow start to the show and the sound mix was off in the beginning… once the band got rolling they were awesome (as usual). Ian made his usual comment on how watching TV is “slow death” (as he said in a show at 4th &B). He also commented how much he likes being in this area. Maybe that’s why they usually start every tour in San Diego.

Click here to view pics and videos from the show.

Queensrÿche’s “Adult Only” Show Coming To San Diego

This coming Saturday, San Diego’s first “Adult Only” rocks show rolls into town at 4th & B and promises to be a night to remember. This is part of Queensrÿche’s Cabaret tour and will feature go-go and burlesque dancers, drag queens, a juggler, trapeze artist, contortionists and much more. Fan club members at each stop will even be taking part as victims and on stage.


Queensrÿche has always been an inventive and visual band blending video and theatrics into their shows early in their career. With the release of Operation: Mindcrime II, their eagerly awaited sequel to their powerful 1988 concept album, they toured, performing both albums. This tour was rock concert meets broadway show that included actors, set changes and featured lead singer Geoff Tate playing the part of Doctor X for the first half and then switching rolls and playing the main character Nikki in the second half. It was a tour to remember and I was lucky to witness it four times live (also available now on DVD).

So I am sure that Geoff and the band has come up with a show that will be one of a kind. It will feature Queensrÿche hits and new songs from an upcoming release.

For this and more Queensrÿche tour dates, go to: