Rock Star of the Week – Fan Halen

There are a ton of Van Halen tribute bands out there… some good some not so good. The best one that I have seen and have done photographer for is Fan Halen from Southern California. The band has been around for 16 years and continue to rock Van Halen fans around the United States.

I have been a Van Halen fan since the 70’s and have seen them many times. I even saw them on their first reunion tour. Since I am fan, I believe the hardest person to “tribute” in the band is David Lee Roth. Not only does Ernie Berru (featured in photo to the right) sound like David, he nails his attitude and swagger which is very important (to me)!

Derek Fuller also nails the portrayal of Eddie Van Halen! Plays like him and even smiles a lot like Eddie does.

If you haven’t seen Fan Halen they are performing at the House of Blues this Friday at 7pm. I will be doing photography for the band and I hope to see you there.

Rock Star Pic of the Week: Scott Rockenfield

Drummers get no love when it comes to great concert pics. Why? Well it’s hard to get a good shot since most of the time the drums are setup so you can barely see the drummer. The lighting is usually not great either. The only great drummer pics I’ve been able to do was on stage right next to the drummer. Most big bands, like Queensryche, won’t let photographers do that. I can only get away with that in smaller clubs.

Here is a pic of one of my favorite drummers, Scott Rockenfield, of Queensryche. He is a great guy too!

Queensryche @ Pine Mountain Amphitheater



Rockstar Pic of The Week: Rudy Sarzo

Recently, I had the pleasure to see for two nights in a row Rudy Sarzo playing with Queensryche. He bowled me over with his antics and energy! At the age of 62, he is by far one of the best rock bass players I have ever seen. Rudy has also played with Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Manic Eden, Dio and Blue Öyster Cult.

Rock Star Pic Of The Week: Fionn Hennessy Hayes

This is a pic of Fionn Hennessy Hayes, drummer for The VooDoos, that I recent took opening for Queensryche. I like this one because getting a good pic of a drummer is near impossible unless I have access to the stage so I can get close. It’s even more impossible to get a pic of a drummer doing anything other than hitting the skins! The water flying in the air in the pic below came from Fionn filling his mouth with water between a song and letting it out as he starts the song. Awesome!

Fionn Hennessy Hayes of The VooDoos