The Next Best Thing

It's finally here, the first (of two) books I have been working on about tribute bands! In this book we will take a look into the phenomenon that is the rise of the tribute band. These dedicated musicians reintroduce generations to great artists of the past who have long left this world to the broken … Continue reading The Next Best Thing


Wayward Sons – The Funniest Tribute Band Out There!

The Wayward Sons is the funnies tribute band I know. The say that they claim to be a tribute band of 1982. With goofy wigs, spandex and fake accents, I wish they were a band from the 80s! Even the band member names are funny (HUGH JASS, MOE LATO, ISAAC WHITE, LOU BIDO and DABNEY … Continue reading Wayward Sons – The Funniest Tribute Band Out There!

Are You in a Tribute Band?

Are you in or know of an awesome tribute band that blows people away paying tribute to one of the greatest rock/ pop bands of our time? Then I want to interview and photograph your band for a new book I'm writing tentatively titled "The Next Best Thing - The Rise of the Tribute Band … Continue reading Are You in a Tribute Band?