Aether X Photography

Aether X is a progressive/hard rock trio based in San Diego, California. I do photography for them since I know the drummer, Jeff Smith, ever since I first meet him at a software engineering conference. If you live in Southern California, all three of these guys are excellent musicians and worth seeing live. Click on … Continue reading Aether X Photography

AC/DC Photos, Videos and Memorabilia

Since I was around 18 years old, the band AC/DC has been one of my favorite bands. They have also been one of my favorite bands to see live and I never try to miss them. They have launched (inspired) countless other bands too. Now that they seem to be retired, I thought I'd share … Continue reading AC/DC Photos, Videos and Memorabilia

Concert Fan Seeks More Consideration

Way, way back before the internet and Facebook, one way to express an opinion in public was to write a letter to the editor at a local newspaper. When I was in my 20's, I did write a few letters to the editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune. The one below I wrote after the … Continue reading Concert Fan Seeks More Consideration