Concert Fan Seeks More Consideration

Way, way back before the internet and Facebook, one way to express an opinion in public was to write a letter to the editor at a local newspaper. When I was in my 20’s, I did write a few letters to the editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune. The one below I wrote after the KGBSky Show (annual fireworks show synchronized to music) on September 17th, 1984 that featured a concert headlined by Def Leppard. This was actually the last date on their Pyromania tour.

The reason I wrote it was due to the local news media coverage of the show that due to an alleged rape allegation and other issues, basically called all rock concert goers “losers” or that is how it made me feel. I was worried that the annual fireworks show wouldn’t feature a concert anymore and it never did.

The rape allegation that a woman made was later found out to be made up and I mention that the news should have found out more before just jumping to a conclusion and alerting the public. I also mention that the security hired by the venue was poorly trained and they actually made things worse. Unfortunately, almost 40 years later, this overreaction and poor training has not changed much.

Full Letter to the Editor

Concert MemorabiliaSan Diego, California, Thursday, October 13, 1983

There is talk of banning rock concerts from the San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, after the KGB-Sky Show of Sept. 17. Would they rather have the youth of this town “let loose” on the streets, where they can get into real trouble? Concerts provide a much needed release for us, which almost always lants until the next concert.

Sure, there are a few people who will take things too far, there always will be. So why should thousands suffer? Why throw thousands of kids on the street to find their own kind of fun, which might end up being the wrong kind of fun?

The media are one of the areas the surely does not give us any help. They lie in waiting to jump at the first chance they get to blow everything out of proportion before they get all of the facts. So no everyone has the assumption that when we go to concerts, we rape girls, fight and blast our minds away. Not 100 percent true of course. Funny thing, they never tell about the good things that happen, like the good feelings we get.

It sure would help a lot if the security force hired for rock concerts knew what they were doing. Whoever said they had things under control at the Sky Show was dead wrong. Well, maybe they did if you call beating up people and throwing them back into the crowd as a means for keeping control for stepping onto the field or other minor infractions. That instigated more rowdiness than anything did.

So where is the solution? Some great ideas have come up, but will the people and the City Council look at them logically or will they just choose to ignore the problem and see if it will go away? So let’s pull together and solve this. That is the only solution. It will keep us happy and you happy.

Dave “Heavy Metal Dave” McCarter

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