Rock Star Pic of the Week: Rick Nielsen

At age 67, Rick Nielsen, founding member of the band Cheap Trick is still rocking his fans (as seen in the picture I took in July 2015 below). Cheap Trick has been will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.


Rick Nielsen live at the Belly Up in San Diego, Ca

I first saw Cheap Trick open for Kiss in 1977 (my first major concert). At the time I never heard of Cheap Trick and out came these four guys, two dressed like normal rock stars (Tom Petersson and Robin Zander) and two dressed pretty goofy (Rick and Bun E. Carlos). Rick, being the most energetic of the four, ran around the stage and at one point pushed his guitar off of the riser he stands on multiple times.

The week after the show, I was talking to a classmate, telling him about this goofy band that I saw open for Kiss. While fun to watch, I wrote them off until he told me to check out their latest album because they are actually good musician/ song writers. So I went out and purchased Heaven Tonight and gave it a listen… I have been a huge fan ever since.

Cheap Trick is still rocking hard, so go see them the next time they are in your town. They are still a really fun band to watch!




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