Valentines Days With Styx

It’s Valentines Day today and it’s got me reminiscing back to this same day in 2009. This always is a difficult day for males, since we want to do something special for our partner, but often turns into a big source of stress. So much so that many breakup right before or today.

So in 1999 I came up with the following… take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner of food and libations. We even dressed up a bit for it to. Dinner went well and the food was awesome! Next, I took her to see Styx down the street at the House of Blues. This would be the first time for her, not for me of course.

This show turned out to be one of the best Styx shows I have seen to date. With no opening band I think they played a little over two hours if I am remembering correctly. The show rocked with all of the old favorites and a couple of newer ones. Original bassist Chuck Panozzo even came out and did a few songs with the band. The show ended with a shower of confetti!

Styx Finale

Next we went to take in some blues at a local bar not far from the House of Blues. After that… well I will leave that to your imagination.

So a few months go pass and she told me she didn’t like the “plan” I made for Valentines Day including seeing Styx. What?!?! How could anyone in our age group not like this band and remember hits like Too Much Time On My Hands, Come Sail Away and more that were in heavy rotation on radio stations? I think the one and only musician she liked was Jason Maraz. (I’m holding back my comment) Well, needless to say we are not dating anymore!

At least I took a photo of Tommy Shaw that later won an award!

Tommy Shaw

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