Joe Satriani: Live in Paris – I Just Wanna Rock (DVD)

Joe Satriani is my #2 favorite guitarist just right behind Steve Vai. I usually purchase everything he comes out with and go see him every time he comes to San Diego. But when it comes to any concert DVD, I try to rent them first from Netflix before I buy. I am so glad that Netflix had the I Just Wanna Rock DVD. I watched it this past weekend and  I strongly recommend to everyone to not purchase this one!! I had to turn it off after three songs. The complete over use of visual effects, colorization, zooming in and out and MTV like editing (switching views every second or less) caused me to quickly hit the eject button! Most of the time it looked like the video and audio weren’t even in sync! If I had Epilepsy, I would have quickly gone into a seizure.

I have met Joe and know he is a perfectionist (most great guitarists are) and I can’t believe he saw this before it was released!!! Maybe he was too busy with his other bands. So save your $15 and wait for the next one. Sorry Joe.

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