Rockstar Pic of the Week: Geoff Tate

The picture below is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken of Geoff Tate, lead singer of Queensrÿche. This was taken at the San Diego House of Blues on September 29th, 2011 during the song Screaming in Digital (I think).

Geoff Tate - Queensryche

I gave Geoff a copy of this picture when I meet him on the Shiprocked Cruise of November 2011. Later on the cruise he told me that he is thinking of using this picture for the label for the next release of his Insania wine. I am so excited that a musician of this caliber wants to use one of my pictures! Unfortunately my attempts to contact him after the cruise to followup on this request have been unsuccessful. If anyone know how to contact Geoff, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Rockstar Pic of the Week: Geoff Tate

  1. That’s awesome Dave! Congratulations! I just ran across this photo on the Queensryche website. I’m a huge fan. That is not even close to how I feel about the band. I shared your photo of Geoff on my site on face book “Queensryche Fan Expansion” as well as my business page on fb, “The Metal Ryche” I went through your photos and instantly subscribed to follow your page. Your site is the only one I’ve ever subscribed to. I really appreciate, respect and love your work. You have a Great Eye! Can’t wait to see more…I hope that Geoff Tate pic of yours gets on Insania. It’s PERFECT for it. Great Work Man!

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