What Do You Do When Your Singer Is Sick?

So, what do you do when you have a gig at 9pm and your singer calls up at 6:30 and is too sick to sing? Well I found out tonight when I was paying the cover charge at the Second Wind bar in La Mesa, California. The guy at the door told me the band Monsters of Rock were playing but had no singer and they were looking for one or more. He even asked me if I could sing (not). I immediately tried to contact Mark Huff (Quiet Riot) and Jason Ott (Dazed and Confused) to see if they were available.

So you can guess I was a little worried when I got inside and heard the band was frantically calling everyone they knew to fill in on one or more songs. Come on, I want my money’s worth ($5 cover charge). The band started late but to my surprise, the night turned out a lot better than I expected. The first set was actually sung by the sound guy for Second Wind. Even though he was pretty nervous, he did a great job.

The rest of the night was filled out by the female singer from Studio 8 (she was awesome), guitarist from Studio 8, their ex-drummer and one other bass player (did not know who he was). Just goes to show you that you can’t stop rock and roll!

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your Singer Is Sick?

  1. Dave, thanks for the kind words. That night was a trial by fire. Joanna and Austin really came through for us. I hope you can catch us sometime soon with our actual singer in tow.

    Sergio (MOR Guitarist)

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