Gary Hoey’s Christmas Show at The Belly Up

As a last minute decision, I headed down to The Belly Up on a cool December 16th evening to check out one of my favorite guitarist, Gary Hoey and his Rockin’ Holiday Tour. If you have ever checked out one of his Ho Ho Hoey albums that features holiday music for our generation, then you can imagine how great this show was.

Gary Hoey @ Belly Up Tavern

Starting out with one of his rock injected Christmas songs, he instantly got the crowd jumping and in the holiday spirit! He then mixed in every other song one of his cover or original tunes that everyone seemed to know and went wild over. He even did a few tunes off his new album due out early next year. The crowd instantly liked them all. One titled “Something’s Going On” he dedicated to Tiger Woods and if you heard the lyrics, you would know why.

Even though Gary plays in San Diego often and he says it is one of his favorite cities to come to (even recorded his live album at The Belly Up), I’ve only seen him a handful of times. I am not sure if it was the holiday season, but he was having a blast on the stage. Smiling all the time, telling the crowd stories between songs, playing to the crowd every chance he got and interacting with his drummer and bass player. This of course got everyone rocking and in the holiday spirit!

After the show, he came out, signed autographs, and took pictures with fans. Not many headlining acts do this anymore unless you pay for a VIP package. Gary is truly a gifted musician and all around nice person. I recommend checking him out the next time he comes around, which should be soon since he has a new album out in 2010.

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