Chickenfoot with Queensryche at Harrah's Rincon Casino

The super group Chickenfoot who’s members are Michael Anthony (bass, Van Halen), Sammy Hagar (vocals), 
Joe Satriani (guitar), Chad Smith (drums, Red Hot Chili Peppers) played at Harrah’s Rincon Casino in Valley View, California (east of Escondido) on a hot summer night on September, 26 2009. While I have not seen Sammy Hagar since the 80’s, my interest in the group was Joe Satriani since he is my favorite guitarist. As far as I know this is the only group he has played with in recent times besides his own.

Chickenfoot @ Harrah's Rincon

Because of my meet & greet passes for Queensryche I missed the first 5 or more songs of the Chickenfoot set. I did see the show start and I could have sworn Sammy was so drunk he could not remember the lyrics for the opening song and ran over laughing and maybe for some guidance from Joe. The rest of their set was pretty good. Sammy seemed to be talking a lot between songs mostly how much he loved the band and how they got together and wrote the songs. I think this was because this was the next to last show of the tour. Guess he didn’t want it to end.
The set ended with Sammy helping Chad to take apart the drum set while the crowd went wild. Guess there won’t be any more encores after that!

Chickenfoot VIP Experience

Not long after this show went on sale, I went to Ticketmaster to check out getting a ticket. I found out that I could not sit in the first 5 or more rows unless I purchased their VIP experience tickets. This really bummed me out so I didn’t get a ticket until I got meet & greet passes for Queensryche. So while waiting for my passes, I meet some of the people that did purchase the VIP experience waiting to take a tour of the back stage. One of these people I knew. Another one I talked to said he paid $400 for this and got a 2nd row seat. I asked if they got to meet the band and no one knew.

So first of all I could not believe the $400 price tag for this experience! In the recession we are in I could not fathom that this bad was gouging their fans like this. So, I did some digging and this is what their web site said you get for $400:

  • One ticket in the first 5 rows
  • Early entry into the venue
  • Exclusive Chickenfoot Concert Shirt
  • Collectible Autographed Chickenfoot Tour Poster (limited edition, numbered)
  • Exclusive Chickenfoot Magic 8 Ball
  • $25 voucher to the official Chickenfoot on-line store
  • Limited availability. Will call only. 2 ticket limit. VIP items will be distributed the night of the show.

That’s it for $400? You have got to be kidding me! So, after you paid your $400 for this package, this is what you rec’d in your email box about the back stage tour:

  • The backstage tour does not include a meet and greet.
  • Fans are encouraged to bring a camera on the tour and take their own photos.
  • Fans are not allowed to bring gifts for the band.
  • The band will not autography any items.
  • The backstage tour will be unique based on the venues capabilities. Not two backstage tours will be alike.

Really? I get to go backstage and look at equipment… how exciting! I checked with my friend who bought one of these VIP experiences and he said all they got to do was walk around the stage and take pictures. He said for the money they got “short changed”. Contrast that what I got with my meet & greet passes (for free, well the price of a fan club membership) for Queensryche (see below).


One of my favorite bands, Queensryche, opened for Chickenfoot and they did something that most opening groups don’t do… get the audience excited! Let me clarify… even though they are currently touring to promote their latest album “American Solider”, they only played one song from that album. The rest of the songs were Queensryche hits and/ or favorites that the crowd loved. This is what opening bands are supposed to do. I hate it when you go to a show and the band plays a lot of songs from the new album. We are there to here the songs we love with a “few” new ones sprinkled in.

Queensryche @ Harrah's Rincon

After some miss-communication when those of use that had passes were supposed to go backstage, we got to go and meet the band when Chickenfoot started their set. All of the guys in the band were very nice and autographed the pictures I took the last time I saw them. I also brought extra copies for each member, which they really liked. I also got pictures with the members too (see below). The funniest part of this experience was when the drummer Scott came up to me and said “Where the hell are we”? Before I could answer he said “We are in the middle of fucking nowhere!”. Which I totally agreed and said the same thing to a friend of mine when I got to Harrah’s. He went on telling me about his feeling when their tour buss was coming into the valley where the casino is located.

Queensryche @ Harrah's Rincon

The show was opened by Davey Knowles who is an excellent young blues player. I thing we will be hearing more from this performer in the future!

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